Packing, Partying, and Prospectizing

Jen and I are in the midst of sorting, organizing, and packing our things. Jen’s mom has been here the last week helping us get ready, but is headed home today (trading the DC sauna for 50 degree weather at home in England). We’re very fortunate in that the State Department sends movers to pack most of our things, but since we’re going to have a whirlwind of movers in our place come mid-August, we need to have things clearly labeled for storage or shipping. Which books should come and which should stay? Space in Japan is at a premium, so we need to be selective!

This coming Saturday is our going away party. I wanted to have it while we still have furniture!

Then in mid-August, the day before we pack out, I am defending my prospectus. I have already sent a draft to my adviser, now I just need to make last-minute changes and defend the project. Its working title is “In the Absence of Cake: Claim Escalation under Environmental Scarcity from Policy to Conflict.” The catchy first part was Jen’s idea, and the academic techno-speak keyword-fest is mine.

So things are busy, but progressing well. We have diplomatic passports and airplane tickets, we’ve arranged for the cats to stay with our friend Katie until they can come over to join us in Tokyo, and we’re waiting not very patiently to hear what our housing assignment will be. We won’t have a mailing address until we’re assigned housing, so I’ll pass on that info when we get it. In the meantime make sure you add tara.innes to your skype accounts.

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