Address and Hotel-Cat Living

We finally have an address, so if I have not already sent it to you, please shoot me an email and I’ll pass it along.

Living in a hotel with two cats is an adventure. They love the view — there’s a construction site with a hundred moving pieces for them to watch right across the street — but live in terror of the cleaning lady. She doesn’t speak any english but has communicated through a combination of hand gestures and tone that she finds them adorable. Apparently they don’t return the feeling.

We have our mobile cat-kit which includes not just the food bowls and litter box but also a water fountain and a fur-coated pillow that’s Jack’s favorite. (Given all of the above, I’m surprised that the cleaning lady is still so friendly.) On our recent trip to Annapolis we also stopped by a pet-store and picked up a pair of cat-nip toys to apologize for all the chaos. We’ve gotten the cats cat-nip before, to little effect, but either this was some particularly potent ‘nip or the cats just really needed some stress relief. Kesh had a personality transplant and went from his usual shy, skittish self, into a ball of kittenish playfulness. Jack mostly likes to sleep on top of his toy, but is relentless in seeking it out. If we hide it in a bag on the far side of the hotel room, he hunts around, nosing at the bag until we take it out again for him. At any rate, we’ve purchased some more cat-nip for the trip since they seem to like it so much. We’ve already had to patch Keshy’s toy (with an old sock, making it look a little like discarded laundry on the floor) since he’s savaged it so fiercely. Fortunately, Jen’s mom recommended we include a sewing kit in our luggage!

We have a seemingly endless list of errands to run, paperwork to complete, and arrangements to be settled, but we’re slowly checking things off. A week from today we’ll be on an airplane!

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