Taste of things to come

An earthquake in Virginia of all places! Is nowhere safe?

We’re fine and dandy– well I am, Tara is still fighting her way thru the metro system. Got folks asking me why DC freaked out over just a 5.8, but this is totally in keeping with our calm and measured responses to other natural events like, say, a heavy rain storm or an inch of snow.  The cats appear to be taking it in stride, no more crazy than usual– little do they know what’s in store. The cathedral however, lost some stonework from the spires and the bells and the rest of the tower need to be checked out, so I’ll miss what was going to be my last practice before we leave…

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One Response to Taste of things to come

  1. Josie says:

    How fun to have your own blog, and we will be able to tag along on some of your activities. Great idea, Luv. And it’s great to know the earthquake didn’t do you in.

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