Mugginess & Jet Lag

How did I not mention how muggy it is in my last post? I think I’m going to start carrying a kerchief and dabbing at my forehead like some sort of Austen character. Fortunately they gave me a few minutes to dry off before taking all of my ID photos, so while I’m shiny I’m not still streaming sweat.

Last night we started in on our mountains of “so you’re here! we’re very excited! now spend the next year filling out paperwork!” I cooked my first meal in the land of the rising sun (mushroom couscous and asian veg with shrimp… an odd combination but not a terrible one). Once again we managed to stay up until 9 (you laugh, but this is a herculean feat) with the help of Jamie Oliver (we have a little rental TV).

I woke up at 3:30 this morning but refused to get out of bed on principle. It’s a bizarre, bizarre world when 5 am is the latest you can possibly get up. Fortunately Jen is having a little more luck getting back to sleep (normally I get annoyed by her snooze-button-fiestas, but at the moment it’s actually a useful skill). On the up-side, the rain makes a very soothing pattering sound on our building — in DC it only banged thunderously on the AC units, but I grew up with the sound of rain on the roof.

Plan for today: locate pool (assuming the typhoon behaves itself) and additional sources of vegetables. The little store on the compound has every kind of preserved food you can imagine — canned, frozen, doused in chemicals, etc. — but they don’t have anything fresh, so veggies especially will need to come from the local japanese shops.

Also, prize goes to Genevieve for solving my google-woes!

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