Donki Store

We had a number of adventures today, but the Donki (Don Quixote) store was decidedly  bizarre. This was the store we’d been warned mixed children’s and sex toys, a rumor which we verified. Additionally, however, they have… well, everything. It’s all jumbled and crammed into 8 stories in a confusing maze of narrow hallways. All the while they played a genuinely annoying and hideously catchy theme song. We bought a flower pot, 2 clocks, a toilet brush, a trash can, and some clothes hangers. We did not purchase any of the large collection of tropical fish, the thong-sporting butt-shaped pillow, any of the striped, polka dotted, and plaid tapes, an unidentified tin labeled “toilet pot”, a nice set of terrycloth boobs, some truly hideous cat wall hangings, or large tissue-dispensers that look like toothpaste tubes. We were also somewhat confounded by a poster that featured a young woman, and read “Naked. Tempest. Fighting.” Everyone who has mentioned Donki has said a) “they have everything” and b) “it’s an…experience. you just have to check it out.” So now we can join the donki in-crowd and confirm that they do have everything, and it is indeed an experience.

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