and then we found chef heaven

Grilled squid-- Yum

Monday we took advantage of the holiday and went rambling out in the northeast of Tokyo where there is a massive temple with giant lanterns and a kitchen neighborhood to make even the most casual of weekend chefs drool.  Quite a bit of restraint was exercised on this our first trip to Kappabashi–largely thanks to Vida who kept reminding us there were blocks and blocks of gadgets and ceramics to go– but we’ll be back. (bwahaha) For now we have a new bamboo steamer set so stay tuned for kitchen adventures!

One lantern to rule them all

Sensoji temple itself is quite a sight, but the tourist count was blessedly low so we joined handfuls, not throngs, of tourists and regulars admiring the temple and wishing for good luck and admiring the statuary. A helpful passerby explained that this commemorated a Japanese musician, but couldn’t explain the pigeons (naturally my favorite part).

Pigeons are forever

Between my basic Japanese and Tara’s fine motor skills, we got her numerical fortune told.  All her troubles are behind her– so she’s got that going for her. 🙂

"Tea and kabuki or death!"



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5 Responses to and then we found chef heaven

  1. Calley says:

    whoa, is that a grill specifically for grilling squid? One could make squid-printed grilled squid? That’s totally awesome! I also love the photo captions, especially the lantern. I dunno what that character says (something about a door?) but it does look like it’s the claw reaching down to whoever wanders within grasp 😉

    • batinthebelfry says:

      It is indeed a grill just for squid. There were a bunch of other presses too, the waffle-sugar-cookie ones and bigger ones for making waffles stuffed with jam etc. 🙂 Double yum.

  2. Katie Kruger says:

    One, squid is evil. Also, death please. 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    “Pigeons are forever” is that what it really says? Well, I can add their droppings last forever on a newly washed car…it’s toxic to paint! Especially, from the wood pigeon family who famously wait slyly in the junipers and wait for my mini to come home from the wash. So could we get a pigeon press, please? Perhaps at the yen store.

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