Curry & Canadians, Eh?

Taiko man in very fashionable short/boot get-up

Had lunch today at the curry truck. Not nearly as sketchy as it sounds, and actually spicy! Really tasty and cheap! Also “fruit salad” which is actually a drink that contains radishes (tasty, I swear!)

Then in the afternoon Molly, Danner, and I went to the Canadian Embassy for an event/happy hour they were having. Danner entertained the entirety of the Canadian & Japanese contingent, while I checked out a tea ceremony, had my name done in calligraphy (apparently “ta” can mean “many” and “ra” can mean “joys”… the japanese ladies got all kinds of excited about what a lovely combination that was), and then watched a few demonstrations.

These Kids Could Kick Your Ass

First we had taiko drumming with the gent pictured above in his white shorts and white boots and very hairy legs inbetween. Quite a fashion statement. He was a good drummer though. I will be pursuing taiko drumming myself as of Saturday (in addition to Judo).

Speaking of martial arts, the second demonstration was a karate school. Most of the athletes were kids (youngest was 3 years old) and pretty much all of them could kick my ass.

Munchkin Breaks Board

Case in point. This little tyke is rather energetically breaking a board. Note to self: do not start fights with kindergarteners in Japan.

I apologize for the quality of the photos, I was shooting on my iphone under poor lighting.

Our UAB shipment arrives tomorrow! (That’s the fast air shipment) I’m very excited to have more clothing — it’s so hot all I really wear here are cotton sundresses, and the three I brought with me are getting a little repetitive. Plus the apartment could use some non-hotel details, and we put some of our kitchen stuff in there as well.

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2 Responses to Curry & Canadians, Eh?

  1. tarainjapan says:

    Jen says that “ra” in addition to “happiness” or “fun” can also mean “medication” (because medication makes you happy! her japanese teacher didn’t see why this was hard to understand…) so i’m either very fun or highly medicated 😉

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