Teaching Judo to munchkins didn’t work out in the end — the teacher had a scheduling problem and they canceled the class — but I am enrolled in the adult Judo class which has practice twice a week in the dojo right on the compound. Today was my first day, and I really enjoyed it.

For those of you not familiar with Judo, it’s more about grips, locks, throws, etc than Karate (which is more aggressive, about punching, kicking, etc.) Judo is supposed to be “the gentle way” although don’t let the name fool you, it’s still a martial art. For example:

I won’t be doing any of that for years (see those black belts?), but that’s the idea. We did a bunch of very basic stuff (how to get out of the way! how to escape if someone grabs you! how to fall down!) but as with most of these things you can approach basic movement with quite a lot of attention to detail. How to fall down was a particular favorite, especially the part where we get to do somersaults like five year olds!


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  1. tarainjapan says:

    Although I’m feeling it this morning. My neck, of all things, is really sore. There’s a lot of chin tucking, and maintaining the right position of the head when rolling around on the floor which apparently my neck is not used to…

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