A typhoon (known on most of your side of the planet as a hurricane) is currently making it a damp and blustery evening. It’s been raining all day, and the wind picked up late afternoon. We’ve closed the storm shutters over our windows, and I dutifully bought some extra drinking water in case we lose power (Yes, Katie, we brought several flashlights in our luggage 🙂 ).

Jen is wending her way home at the moment, and while I’m sure her umbrella is pretty useless in all this wind, I left her my raincoat at lunch, so hopefully that’s some help! I hope the little roads between the house and the embassy haven’t turned into wind tunnels. [update: Jen-san is home safe. They ran a bus from the embassy due to the weather.]

The wind really started roaring an hour or two ago, and the trees out our window are thrashing about and laying themselves flat in turns. The noise is almost like a train going by. We’re quite safe in the apartment, but hoping that the rest of our host island-home has taken adequate shelter as well. The last typhoon that was only a day or two after we arrived apparently killed a number of people, although here it was only really a few rainstorms.

Wee bit damp and blustery out there

Only real remaining question is whether or not I still have Judo.

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2 Responses to Typhoon!

  1. Alice says:

    Glad you are safe… saw the typhoon on the morning news in California, so was wondering how it was.

  2. Katie Kruger says:

    I know the general wisdom is to always have a towel, but flashlights are very important 😀

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