Monkey shrine

So just across the Akasaka neighborhood and up a hill behind the Diet (legislature), is the Hie-jinja, which we’ve been meaning to explore for a while.

It’s apparently been moved back and forth from Edo/Tokyo castle to out in the city where the lowly folk such as ourselves can get to it. It’s also been burned down a few times, so all in all it looks pretty good for a place whose lineage stretches back hundreds of years.

It’s got a monkey deity, Oyamakui no kami– Master of the Great Mountain.

Looking very focused and businesslike

He’s also a messenger to the gods and the word for monkey can be made into a pun for warding off evil.

Patron of supermoms

This temple covers the trifecta– success in business, marriage, & childbirth. There were small groups of women coming in together and a few businessmen. One in particular praying very, very hard at every small shrine on the compound…. I imagine there are quite a few of those these days.

A prayer for... harmony? or obedient students?

But what this shrine is most famous for among the local photographers and tourists, is the staircase and its tori. So that’s where we left off and headed across town to take advantage of the bright, sunny day for some serious views of Tokyo.

This could take a few years all on its own

And finally, our food adventure for the day.  Freshly grilled fish like we’ve never really seen it before. The bar itself had seriously dried fish hanging from it, and in the back was this fire pit with thin filets skewered and rotated around for a truly delicious grill.

Coming soon to a living room near you

Good things come in three!

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7 Responses to Monkey shrine

  1. Calley says:

    That is the most composed and serious-looking monkey I’ve ever seen. But I suppose being messenger to the gods is job requiring gravitas even from monkeys 😉

    And when you say “coming soon to a living room near you” – meaning y’all are installing a fire pit for some really serious grilling? 😉

  2. CJ says:

    I would like to go to this fish place. And see your smiling faces. That’s all.


  3. What are the worm looking things in the last picture? Please say noodles, lol.

    • batinthebelfry says:

      Noddles, fortunately! 🙂 We’ve so far avoided taking pics of the various grilled intestines we’ve tried (some of which are tastier than they appear and some of which are decidedly not).

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