Many Joys

It’s been an odd week. I got a job inquiry about reading French to a baby — jury’s still out on that one. And haven’t heard anything back about the other job I interviewed for. Got a loaner judo jacket and belt that are too big, and developed massive blisters on the bottom of both big toes in practice. More weird-feeling than painful. Started a new harder piece in Taiko and got truly enormous sticks to match my height. Watched Japanese comedy last night, which I’ll let Jen post in more depth about.

This morning I got an email from the folks I mentioned previously from the Canadian Embassy event, who wrote out my name in Kanji — ta(many) ra(joys/fun/medication). I had totally forgotten that they took a photo, but here I am with my name:

Many Joys

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4 Responses to Many Joys

  1. Calley says:

    wow, it’s just crazy to me how different the pronunciation of these japanese characters is from Chinese…. I guess that’s the benefit to a non-phonetic language, you can overlay the written language on nearly any spoken language. In Asia, within reason 😉

    So what’s Jen’s name in Japanese?

  2. JB Gardner says:

    Many Joys—That’s what all your blogs are giving DD and me. And I’m sure many others have the same reaction. Grampa with love.

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