Horse archery take 2

I was doing so well at staying on top of the blog but those of you who know me probably weren’t surprised at all when I fell behind. Ah well, this is a catch up week! First the blog and then perhaps my inbox (whose part shall be acted by a mutant kraken, complete with monster tentacles and a microsoft office logo emblazened on its slimy forehead).

Anyway, here at long last is the second half of the horse archery fun from a few weeks ago. I’ve spliced together my video clips into a quick photo/video montage of the event. Enjoy!

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1 Response to Horse archery take 2

  1. Calley says:

    You’re baaack! And I never knew of these video-editing skills, I’m very impressed – I’ve gotten as far as cutting video clips for drums, but haven’t spliced and definitely haven’t added floating captions! Thanks for putting this up, definitely gives a great feel for the action. I just realized watching this that I’ve never seen any form of equestrian competition or show – looks like a hoot 🙂

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