First Birthday in Japan

I had a lovely first birthday in Japan — a relaxing day was exactly what I wanted. Started the day in Japanese class, where Molly made birthday muffins for everybody. We have our first test next Monday though, so we buckled down on review. Then I had a quiet day… aside from setting off the building’s smoke alarm with my lunch… oops.

Curry Laksa

Jen and I went out and got Singaporean food for dinner. We got chicken rice, a Singaporean specialty, and laksa noodle soup. It was pretty good, but we have high standards when it comes to laksa, so we’ll have to continue scouring the local singaporean options. One of the nice thing about being in Tokyo is the plethora of asian food options — Indian, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian, Malaysian, etc.

Then on the way home we found an italian-style gellateria, which in addition to macha (green tea) ice cream, also had strawberry and hazelnut chocolate.Yam ice cream isn’t as gross as macha, but it’s nice to have a semi-normal dessert again. šŸ™‚

Seafarers of Catan

Plus, Jen got me the seafarers expansion to catan, so we’re gonna have to start up game nights again!

But the best part of the day was that I got a job interview! Huzzah!

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6 Responses to First Birthday in Japan

  1. Sounds like a successful birthday!

  2. Susan Rogers says:

    A delightful birthday indeed!

  3. Karen says:

    I don’t know how you could top your first birthday in Nippon…sounds delightful from start to finish.

  4. Happy Birthday Tara! From JB, DD and Hartley (in Exeter at the moment). Sounds like you had a great Day! Good luck with the interview;-)

  5. Calley says:

    yay birthdays and definitely yay for the seafarers expansion pack! I’ve played seafarers once or twice, but not enough! Will be over posthaste for game night šŸ™‚

  6. JB Gardner says:

    Happy birthday indeed !! We continue to enjoy your blogs especially with all the photos from your wanderings and of all the interesting foods you are experimenting with. Tell us, with all the food experimenting are you losing or gaining pounds??? My own very brief time in Japan I found very little that appealed to my palate so decided that if I spent much time there I’d be skinny as a rail! Good luck with the job interview and hope it may turn out to be a lot better than singing in French to an infant. I think you did well to cope with that one as well as you did. Love, JB and DD

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