Bad Bloggers…

We have been particularly bad this week about the blog. Partially this is because we have very little to report — I’m sick and Jen is crazy at work so we’re being terribly boring and spending most free time asleep.

However, we do have a few good things to report — I got a call for a job interview at the embassy on my birthday, and went in that Friday. The interview-proper went very well, but they also had a “writing test” after, which was a disaster. They gave us a large number of articles to summarize with very little guidance, and to top it all off I had technical issues, so I spent the rest of the day pretty depressed, convinced I’d just destroyed my chances.

Well, either the test was intended to be a mess, my competitors screwed things up worse than I did, or I’m going to work with pack of raving lunatics, but today they called and offered me the job! It’s a great mix of convenience (it’s at the embassy, 20 hours a week, which I can walk to and still leaves plenty of time for dissertating), substance (anything but babbling in French to a baby, really, but this is actually sortof related to what I’m interested in), and is a good addition to the resume.

Basically the job entails taking translations of major Asian news stories and summarizing them into short reports addressing what the news across Asia/Pacific is saying, which then goes to policy-makers etc.

I’m pretty excited, but since I’m still struggling out from under this head-cold we’ve opted for Jen retrieving take-out, and me continuing to consume mass amounts of OJ. Although, I did make celebratory hummus, so that’s something. I am feeling a bit better, but I want to make sure to be much better by tomorrow since I’m taking a Japanese test and…

We’re heading out to Yokosuka to see Yo Yo Ma play!  I’m totally excited. We got free tickets from the embassy, and will be meeting Vida and company out there.

We also have friends coming into town this weekend, and I have a Taiko concert on Saturday, so hopefully we’ll have more to report on for the coming week!

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2 Responses to Bad Bloggers…

  1. meg says:

    congrats on the job, tata! keep up the good work!

  2. Calley says:

    hahaha – overwhelming quantity of work, very little guidance, and technical disasters running amok? Sounds like a normal day at an embassy to me! 😉 You’ll do great – good luck!

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