Playing 'Big Horse' in Running Horse piece

Saturday morning I had my first Taiko performance. Normally we play in a group of about 7 women, but the performance combined students from all of Moko-Sensei’s classes, about 40 in total. One group (in the video they’re wearing colorful shirts and black aprons) is very good, while the rest of us are a little all over the place (and then of course there’s the front row of munchkins, some of whom are very focused and some of them not so much…) Click here to see a video medley of the performance.

Blurred Sticks of Speed and Glory

I played 3 of the total 6 pieces (although I was given cymbals and told to bang along in time for some of the others) — you’ll see me in the video as the tall one in a black shirt in the back.

The woman in the back of the first clip playing the big drum (and whose voice you hear calling out the pieces throughout the video) is Moko-Sensei, who is a very small but very energetic woman. She keeps a running dialogue going through most of Taiko practice, in a mix of English and Japanese, and also the made-up words that represent how the drums are supposed to sound — “Chakka bokko chan” etc etc. She’s a very positive teacher though, and I think she was pleased with the performance.

Posing for the Camera

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One Response to Taiko

  1. Karen says:

    I don’t know if you could hear it or not but I was cheering and clapping for you all when you finished! Well done, all of you.

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