The holiday season begins

Last weekend Jen and I went out to a number of art museums with our visiting friends, and began Christmas shopping in earnest — everything has to be mailed quite soon now if it is going to reach the States in time. So the living room is currently awash with wrapping paper, tape, the eternally disappearing scissors, and certain unspecified nick-knacks. It does seem a little early, since we haven’t even eaten our Turkey yet, but I’ve been playing Christmas classical to try to help us get in the mood.

Last night we had a bit of a scare with the cats — this whole international cat transportation is a real nuisance. But fortunately (and no thanks to our cat shipper) things are now back on track. In other messy paperwork news, I just spent the whole day filling out a massive life-history form for a background check for the new job. They may be contacting many of you.

The next few weekends should be a lot of fun though. Tomorrow we are going to the Marine Corps Ball, which should be a hoot. Sunday we are meeting Jason (an old friend from highschool) and his wife Yuko at a friend’s place for dinner. Then the next week is Thanksgiving, in which we’re traipsing about the country eating turkey (or whatever else can be cooked sans oven in a Japanese kitchen). I suspect we will be supplying the pie!

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