Righteous glue

… or that’s what Google is telling me.  One of the many reasons to put in the elbow grease to learn more Japanese on my own is that Google patently sucks at it. We found an adorable little inari (fox shrine) temple on the way home from a food festival today (pics to follow).

What is a fox gathering? A snicker? A cabal?

Somewhat baffled by an onslaught of rare religious words, I sought Google’s assistance and it produced a number of prize jewels, not a single one of which was enlightening or coherent.  My favorite so far is: “In euphony, the glue is a real party in righteousness.” …yeah, sure it is….

Fenced foxes

In reality, the temple was trying to tell me a story about an old man who appeared with a magic kettle at the founding of a small temple. He could cook meat, boil vegetables, and make tea in the small kettle and serve any number of people with it. The locals were astounded and kept pestering him to know how this was possible. He would just smile or laugh and respond that he came from a big family where nothing is impossible and every wish is granted. When the founding priest died, the old man also disappeared but left the kettle behind….(cue mysterious music)

Oh yeah... they know where the kettle is and they're not telling, either.

So actually the temple has little to do with either foxes or righteous glue. The Shinto deity associated with that story (as far as I understand their website), is depicting carrying rice to represent bounty and riding a white fox, which then led to the shrine being called an Inari shrine, and there you have it.

But that’s probably enough temple stories for one post, the main event of the day was a food festival up the hill a ways. We feasted on all manner of deliciousness on sticks including, grilled mochi balls with molasses and/or soy sauce, a fish cake with melty cheese innards (can’t say as we recommend that), another fish cake with squid bits imbedded (yum), the usual grilled chicken, an okonomiyaki (below), and of course the long-awaited grilled fish.

Okonomiyaki (grilled stuffed crepe) on a stick

Mmm... fish on a stick

The fish was seriously good– salty, charcoal-y, and not very bony all things considered. I did nearly choke on a fin but that should come as no real surprise to those of you who know me and know that being born on a Tuesday has in fact imparted me with no natural grace to speak of….

Tara on the other hand… 🙂

Photo stalking success!

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