Easy Japanese Salad Recipe

Easy Japanese Cabbage Salad

I thought you all might enjoy trying this one at home — easy Japanese cabbage salad.

Just get half a head of cabbage (for plenty for 4 people) and slice it very roughly. The pieces should be big enough that you can easily pick one up with chopsticks (or fingers, or forks, or whatever your implement of choice is) but small enough that you can eat them relatively easily.

Dress it (raw) with a Tablespoon or two of sesame oil and salt to taste. Toss. (You should be able to get sesame oil in any major grocery store in the US.)

The above is the most simple version. There is frequently also a little dried seaweed piled on top. If you are running short on seaweed, use rice seasoning. I get little jars of this at the regular grocery in the US — best kind for this salad is the sesame/seaweed variety (Jen says the seasoning has too much sugar for her taste, by way of heads up). You could also top it with plain sesame seeds, or really anything else you like!

This salad is frequently served as the first course before yakitori or shabu shabu etc. We’ve become quite fond of it — simple but tasty. Enjoy!

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One Response to Easy Japanese Salad Recipe

  1. Calley says:

    sesame oil creates magic wherever it goes 😉 will have to try it!

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