Holiday Lead-Up in Tokyo

Shinjuku Park

It’s been a very busy weekend, and I don’t have a lot of art to show for it, but we’re running off to the mountains for a few days early tomorrow morning, and then down to Yokusuka for Christmas Eve and the day of.

Roppongi Hills Christmas Lights and Tokyo Tower

Friday we had plans to go to a yakitori place called “Meat Man” but had to make a last minute change to “Chicken Boy”, which despite the apparent downgrade turned out to be very tasty yakitori. Previous consumption of “chicken tail” was not such a hit, but this place really did it quite well. I also managed to yell “Pervert!” in Japanese, cheerfully and inadvertently, in the middle of dinner, alarming our neighbors. Saturday CJ and Vida came into Tokyo and we had some fun eating delicious things and checking out the Christmas lights around Tokyo.

"Devil Pancake Fish"

In the last couple days we also wandered through harajuku and yoyogi park, ginza, shinjuku, a few sake tastings, lots of sushi restaurants, Ueno park, and the Museum of Natural Science.

Ginza Lights: Each Angel has Individualized Wings

At any rate, tomorrow morning we are headed off to the mountains for a little fun in the snow. Hope you’re all happily completing your Christmas shopping, keeping warm, and not being driven insane by annoying carols.

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2 Responses to Holiday Lead-Up in Tokyo

  1. Calley says:

    Tokyo has Christmas lights? I’m of two minds about whether this is a nice borrowing of cheery midwinter traditions or an unnecessary spread of commercial insanity worldwide – I hope it feels more like the former! 😉

    Hope y’all make it to Meat Man next time, this sounds like a must-see venue!

    Enjoy the alps 🙂


  2. tarainjapan says:

    Christmas is a romantic couples holiday in Japan. So…. i’m not sure if it’s commercial, it’s just a bit different. New Years is more of a thing in some ways.

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