Christmas in Japan

Tara is a blur of tree-decorating

After thawing our toes and doffing our winter hats from our mountain adventure, Jen, CJ, Vida, and I all went down to Vida’s house in Yokosuka on Christmas eve. Since we’ve all been out gallivanting around,  we had quite a lot of Christmas-making and supply-gathering to do, so we set to sawing the bottom of the tree off in the backyard, manhandling it into its base, and then decorating. We also braved the crowds at the commissary to acquire delicious things.

Santa-CJ delivers gifts

CJ made a wonderful mushroom risotto and salad for Christmas eve dinner, and then we all went out to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie at the base theater. (I thought it was a little over-done. And a foe like Moriarty deserves at least a couple movies in which to cause mayhem, but it was still fun.) Vida sang in the midnight mass, and then it was Christmas!

Christmas Eve Risotto!



We woke up bright and early to prep the turkey, make breakfast, and even do some last minute wrapping. Then it was off to the races with dinner prep, package opening, the regular ringing of the doorbell, and an emergency bread-for-stuffing run (fortunately the Japanese don’t close everything down on Christmas.)

Christmas Breakfast of Eggs Benedict (and the japanese gluten-free version for CJ... poached egg with hollondaise over onigiri of salmon, rice, seaweed), also christmas cake, and magical fruit salad

I ensconced myself in the kitchen for most of the day, and cooked to my heart’s content.  A number of Vida’s friends and neighbors came by for a while, so it was a very busy and festive atmosphere. Then 7 of us sat down for dinner (with Vicki, Deb, and Gary, plus one small rat-dog in a diaper begging for turkey) and ate ourselves silly.

The Christmas Dinner Crew (minus Jen)

After dinner we made some family phone calls, then all curled up to watch How to Train Your Dragon, which Jen got me for Christmas. After some more phone calls we all passed out pretty early, since it’d been a pretty epic Christmas! I hope you all had a lovely holiday too!

When in Japan...

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