Snow and sniffles

We got our first snow (that stuck) in Tokyo today and the kids have gone wild. They’d built a small snowman by the time I left for work this morning, assuming (wrongly it turns out) that I was well enough to leave the apartment. By the time I trudged back glumly at 11, defeat and coughdrops in hand, they were in the process of fattening him up with handfulls of snow. Now as I’m having yet another cup of tea, they’ve re-rolled his body parts until they’re so big adult help is being sought for the re-stacking.  I spotted several co-workers going in very late so they could drag their munchkins around on sleds first and it now appears that several of the same and a few more have escaped the office early for another round.  At least they’re all making the most of it!

Gargowls? Gargoywls? Hmmm...

As long as I’m couch-bound, thought I’d share a few quirky pics for giggles. You giggle (optional), I’ll hold very still and try not to cough.

Cutest anti-drunk poster ever

Following in a string of posters where adorable animals remind you how to behave on the subway, this cute little guy is accompanied by an exhortation not to get drunk and pass out on the metro in such a way that you hog the seats.

Quite why that needed English, I'm not sure

A few pics from last week when we had a lovely three-day weekend and celebrated not only by buying wooden saddles, but wandering Ginza’s car-free streets for the last of the New Year’s sales.

No work today!

All that's missing is the tea

Our true find that day was a small, but exclusive kimono shop, complete with fur geta (or the flip-flops traditionally worn with kimonos).  The sign says ‘seal’ and we definitely did not enter to ask the price. Nearby but out of sight was an elephant skin handbag…

Fanciest flipflops ever

We also spotted quite a few well-dressed pups on display which reminded me that I had a small smattering of some favorite doggie dressers. Sadly some of the really good ones got away– the poodle in a panda suit in a baby stroller I nearly chased out into traffic but still failed to get in focus. Next time!

Camoflagued canine... any attempt to toughen up is lost on not only the ankle puffs but the fur collar

Strawberry shortcake as rat dog

Hoodie pooch... presumably for when he ditches Heels over there and hangs out with the boys

Leopard print and a don't-you-dare-laugh look to match

And my favorite, which I’m sure I’ve already posted but will again anyway:

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2 Responses to Snow and sniffles

  1. Calley says:

    OMG, that kimono-wearing puppy is *fabulous* 🙂 I’m glad we’re not the only nation of crazy dog-lovers.

    Also, I love that the cat poster was not exhorting about the ills of public drunkeness in general, but merely the incourtesy of taking up multiple seats if one does have to pass out drunk. Note to self, pass out upright 😉

    Hope you feel better soon – I’m home sick well and thoroughly knocked out myself 😛

  2. Karen says:

    I with Calley on this one…my vote goes for the Kimono. Do they have them for cats, too?

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