Good News and Bad News

The good news is that I have tamed Mr. Bellicose with apple cake, the bad news is that we’re on a leash for the weekend.

I have never met a man who reminded me more of this scene from Ratatouille:

Mr. Bellicose has been having a rough week — he’s been very stressed out and snapping at his translators. I brought him a piece of apple cake that I had baked for the office, and he thanked me many times, then told me that the smell reminded him of his mother from so very many years ago. Later, I was told that he went searching for more cake (I’d put the rest of the cake out on the common table) but there was none left, so he very carefully packaged up the crumbs and took them back to his desk.

On the downside, we have to stay within 30 minutes of the embassy this weekend. So I have plans to go to a farmers market, and we might go out in the neighborhood for food, but we don’t have much else planned. I am happily digging into the next of the Patrick O’brien books, and I have been contemplating finally buying myself a good set of chisels (the craft stores in Tokyo are kinda awesome) and getting back into carving.

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