Short Jump into the Future: Tokyo Hanami

We are going to take a very quick break from our vacation posts since we are launching into Cherry Blossom season in Tokyo and yesterday we had a fantastic trip out to go flower viewing (Hanami). First thing in the morning Jen and Vida dyed 2 dozen eggs for easter (egg salad for lunch this week!). While I went to rehearsal, Jen and Vida went to the “secret garden” near Asakusa shrine to see cherry blossoms. Then early afternoon I had another taiko concert in which I played “Tiger Leader” on the super big drum. Our friend Dylan made the video below:

So after wearing myself out at the concert, Vida, Jen and I took off for Shinjuku Gyoen to see cherry blossoms. Many of the parks are popular places for Hanami, people particularly like bringing a picnic and camping out for a day. Some of the other pretty parks (ueno, yoyogi) allow you to bring alcohol, and are therefor more popular for the picnicking crowd, but Shinjuku does not, so it’s more of a milling-crowd, but still a lot of people.

The blossoms are beautiful, tons of different types of cherry blossoms and other flowers, and the park itself is also very pretty. It was a chilly, breezy afternoon, but we had a lot of fun strolling around the park, ogling the blossoms and taking pictures.

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