We haven’t forgotten the blog!

We’ve been having a really busy couple weeks — Jen’s been working 14 hours a day and there have been lots of weekend and evening events to keep us both busy.We are still working on writing up all of our vacation with the photos, but the last few weeks in short:

The cherry blossoms are gone now, mostly, with only the odd shadowed tree in a cool corner still blooming, but the weather is perfect right now — we no longer have to wear our coats, but it’s not uncomfortably warm and muggy yet. It has started raining though, and won’t really stop until late fall.

We celebrated Jen’s birthday out with friends, and had a rockin’ good time. My work recently has been somewhat interrupted by construction in my office, but between being shuffled off to different desks it’s mostly involved keeping an eye on what the Asian press is thinking about North Korea. My portfolio includes what the East Asian Pacific press are saying about the whole world, but of course they’re more fixated with local issues than what’s going on in Iran/Syria/etc. I’ve also been hired as the official embassy photographer for the 4th of July party, which is a big formal to-do at the ambassador’s house. And the dissertation has had a couple major surges forward — I found a new data set which is great, and I’ve found a bunch of ways to improve the variables through doing a bunch of background research on Indonesia and land conflicts.  Jen meanwhile has had a bunch of official visitors, which not only distracts her from her other work, but means there’s a lot of late receptions, meetings, dinners etc. People in the embassy tend to say that being good with visitors is a terrible thing, because then you get stuck with all of them.  Particularly given people’s interest in nuclear energy here at the moment, Jen does get a lot of them.

This week we have more friends coming into town, and next weekend we will be taking a brief trip to Kyoto! Then the following week is “golden week” which is a series of Japanese holidays that all occur around the same time, so most Japanese take the whole week off. There are lots of festivals etc. so it ought to be a fun time in Tokyo. So we better catch up on the old vaca write-ups! 😉

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