Full coverage — Ring of fire!

Today we started off the week with an unusual once-in-932-year treat — an annular eclipse! The eclipse passed directly over Tokyo at 7:30 this morning, and we were out with out mirrors, cards, view boxes, and cameras to witness it.  In an annular eclipse, the moon appears smaller than the sun and does not completely cover it, leaving a ring of bright light around the edges, sometimes called “a ring of fire.”

Starting to pass

Jen and I were surprised by how bright it still was outside even at the height of the eclipse, but I suppose only the most direct light is being blocked. At any rate, you can’t just look straight up at an eclipse, you have to filter the radiation a bit so you don’t make yourself blind. They were selling “eclipse viewing glasses” all over Japan last week, but we did it old school with a box with hole/white paper, and a mirror and and card. I also managed to take a number of pictures while not burning my retinas out by shooting from the belly — although I could really tell how confused the camera was by the bizarre lighting/radiation situation since the only way to tell I was actually aiming it at the sun was that it would start producing bright green and purple stripes across its screen.

Now, on  to the rest of Monday since it is not in fact the end of days!

And the sun returns… in the form of a toenail clipping…

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