Aikido video

So a little while back, Tara mentioned we went to see an aikido demonstration.  Every so often tickets come by the Embassy from some organization or other and they will open a raffle for them. We happened to win a few tickets to this all-Japan aikido demonstration, so off we went.  Little did we know “tickets” in this case meant front row tickets, complete with escort, and little red ribbons to pin on our decidedly under-dressed shirts.

Nonetheless, courtesy of those very close seats, here is an edited video of some of the highlights.  (If you’re not already familiar with aikido, a word of warning. Don’t expect flashy leaps and kicks and screams and the like.  Think more philosophy of movement, getting rid of the “attacker” by redirecting his/her movement, without unduly damaging him/her in the process.)  On the whole, it was really fun to watch, although after a few hours some of the you-look-at-me-I-go-flying moves were a little much. Anyway, enjoy!

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2 Responses to Aikido video

  1. Calley says:

    wow – it almost looks more like dancing than fighting. Part of me is wondering how these guys would do if you dropped them in, say, the Bronx, or someplace where their opponents weren’t playing by the same script – but perhaps I underestimate all that artistic fluidity 😉

    • batinthebelfry says:

      That was my question too… I imagine them running at the muggers, tumbling gracefully thru the dark alley, and running like hell while the folks behind them wonder what the heck was that?

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