A Very Busy Week

It’s been one of those epic weeks that feels alternatively like it’s been 3 months long and only a few hours from start to finish. It started out normally enough, but for the 4th of July the embassy has its biggest representational event of the year. In three waves of guests we welcomed two and a half thousand guests to the ambassador’s residence. Jen was in charge of the check-in tent, and I was the official event photographer. I spent the night photographing the Ambassador and his wife in the receiving line, and then following the ambassador around as he chatted with folks. It was a long evening but ultimately it went better than I was expecting, considering the confusion about the arrangements beforehand. The photos aren’t up yet, but they’ll eventually be available on a website for those who are interested. (I refused to do the post-processing since the upload time alone may require a week, and I already have a day job, a dissertation, and a Jen to keep fed.) It was an interesting evening though — I met a number of interesting characters, including one fellow who has promised me a gallon of olive oil if I took a photo of him with the ambassador.

One of the members of my dissertation committee is going to be in town next week as well, and I’ve made some changes to my diss plans, which I want to present to her, so I’ve been putting in a lot of time trying to get that to a good point. I feel better about my project since I’ve given up on some data that doesn’t appear to be forthcoming and have started making progress in other directions. But it’s lots of coding at this point, which takes a lot of time. On the upside it’s something I can do relatively brainlessly while I wait for Jen to get home in the evenings.

The rest of the week involved a lot of long work days for Jen, who’s been getting home around 10 for most of this week, and worked through the fourth and the weekend as well. Part of the mayhem however, is that the Secretary of State flew into town late Saturday. Jen was in charge of a number of the aspects of her visit, and had to head off to the airport Saturday night. Then today we both got to meet Clinton and shake her hand at an event for the embassy families. She’ll be flying out Monday, so Jen just needs to make it through another 24 hours. We’re both pretty exhausted, but it was an exciting day!

I apologize for the bad red-eye in most of these photos, everybody’s flashes were going nuts. Hopefully Jen and I will get photos of us shaking hands with Secretary Clinton soon from the official photographer, but here are my shots:



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One Response to A Very Busy Week

  1. Alice Gardner says:

    Wow!! What a week!! I hope they’ll let you hibernate a bit after all that. It will be fun to see the pics though,

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