Taiwan Days 3 & 4

I’m afraid that day 3 in Taiwan has rather limited photographic evidence. We visited the National Palace Museum which has an amazing collection of carvings, scrolls, ceramics, bronzes, etc. Basically most of the best stuff from the mainland. My favorite pieces were a 21-layer carved ivory ball (the whole thing comes from one piece, carved from the inside out) and the curio boxes which folded out into lots of little compartments with paintings, poems, and carvings all over them.

another curio box all opened up

One of the curio boxes all opened up

21 layer carved ivory ball

When I walked out of the museum I pulled the lens cap off my camera, and the lens immediately fogged up, like a mirror while you’re taking a shower. Have I mentioned that Taiwan is a tad muggy in the summer?

The front of the National Palace Museum — too muggy to take pictures

On my last day in Tokyo I decided to walk over to a local temple. The temple was unexpectedly full of people and tables covered with fruit. The temple itself was gorgeous, and all the people were lighting incense and praying. Later I learned that it was Bai Bai, a good fortune festival in Taiwan.

Vendors out front of the temple

Front of the Temple

Lots of people clustered around tables of fruit

Beautiful bright painting in the temple

Temple Carving

Front Doors

Temple Roof

On the walk back I headed through a park where folks were ballroom dancing, old men were playing go, people were doing tai chi, and kids were playing. There were also some pretty buildings, and of course the ubiquitous herds of scooters. Shortly after that I caught a cab to the airport (he played Deep Forest and Clannad on his radio the whole way) and boarded my (non-hello kitty) flight home!

Pretty roof of a funeral parlor

Taipei is overrun with scooters

Dancing in the park

Go players in the park

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