Gardens and Archery

This weekend we ran around the city to a bunch of random events and errands. After our regular stocking-up trip to buy more kitten toys, we got dinner Saturday evening with a friend from the embassy at one of the local izakayas, and satisfied Jen’s mackerel obsession. And then Sunday we walked through a pretty park near the Imperial palace and saw a bunch of beautiful garden displays. Then we continued on to Tokyu Hands, a local craft(ish) store where I bought supplies for halloween party decorations. (Bwahahaha) And then Monday we had the day off work and it’s also a Japanese holiday — sports and health day –so we went to a hokkaido fair first, which was beyond packed. Hokkaido has beautiful scallops and oysters, so we got some of those grilled after waiting in line for about an hour, and some icecream, and then headed off to an archery exhibition. The archery was pretty amazing, and the archers did well hitting their deer-shaped target. They kept score with little sticks in front of them, and as far as we could understand, they sometimes have to identify which part they think they hit in order to get points (the arrows bounce, so they don’t give it away). A random selection of iphone pics below:

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