Excess Takayama Photos

We have a bunch of extra photos that didn’t go into Jen’s write-ups, so here’s a gallery of extras.

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One Response to Excess Takayama Photos

  1. JB Gardner says:

    A great set of photos from the Takayama trip. The thatched roofs and overhangs reminds one of Switzerland a bit. But we never saw where you may have slept –everything so stark and bare. If your feet got cold walking about , what kept other vital parts of the anatomy warm at night. Some time show us where you put you clothes , brush you teeth, bath and keep warm. I hope you take good care of your Mom when she visits. Her body may not be as resilient to the Japonese riggers as yours have come to be!! Thanks for all the wonderful photos and stories of your wanderings. Love, Grampa and DD

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