Happy Thanksgiving! (Mt Takao Post)

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We are having a laid-back day today, wrapping Christmas presents and drinking lots of tea (I am feeling under the weather, and mailing deadlines come early over here). We celebrated our Thanksgiving last Saturday with a group of friends here in Tokyo (after a Taiko performance) and my office also did a Thanksgiving potluck lunch yesterday, so we have gotten in our fair share of Turkey. We had a couple Thanksgiving newbies on Saturday, who also brought some yummy spring rolls and other Japanese takes on holiday food. We also had some rip-roaring board games and then after dinner we all lay on the floor for a while. We were originally planning to go out to Korean BBQ this evening, but I think we’ll wait until I feel slightly more human again. I suspect I’ve had this coming for a while — it’s been a crazy few weeks with lots of weekend travel and work drama. But we have a few days off, and then Jen will be away for a few days and I plan on hibernating with the kittens.

A few weeks ago our friend Calley was in town, and we took a couple trips with her. The first was to Mt Takao (which I had been to once before with Matt and Frank, but Jen had never been, and with so many Japanese maples, the fall foliage was supposed to be great.) We made pancakes for breakfast, and so had a slightly late start. We took a chair-lift up amid much larger crowds than I saw last time, and took the main trail up the mountain (eating dango — pounded rice dumplings — all the way up) which is spotted with temples, statues, and lanterns, then came back down by a side trail. The trees were gorgeous, and we could also see Mt Fuji from the top. We didn’t realize how much of a line there would be coming down off the mountain again (to take the chair lift) so we had a bit of an adventure stumbling down the really steep lower sections instead of waiting for two hours as it got cold.

We also got our formal ball photos, which I included below. Up next — Nikko!

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