Public Service Announcements

Yet another crazy week gone by and it seems to have taken February with it.  Rather than recount the gritty details, I’m opting for escapism and humor. So here, unsuspecting readers, assembled for your amusement is a collection of Japan’s finest metro public service announcements.  The prevailing themes of courtesy, silence, and above all taking up as little space as possible are repeated over and over in a never-ending, but generally amusing series of posters.  By now we’ve been through about four cycles of poster themes.  Collecting the funny ones has become one of my odder hobbies and I have no compunctions about diving crosswise through oncoming commuters to get a shot of a new poster proclaiming the most virtuous way to sit or denouncing drunken discourtesy.  Coming soon: posters warning batty foreigners to stay in line and stop finding the posters so amusing. 🙂


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