Hanami: Flower Viewing

For our next trick we will assail you with roughly a million pictures of flowers!

In Tokyo the plum blossom season started before we left for China, and we took a couple trips to local parks and temples to see the blooms. We saw Korakuen park quite early in the season and it was still very cold, but at Umegaoka park and Yushima Tenjin temple the blossoms were out in force (as well as the o-hanami-ing spectators.) Normally the following cherry blossom season doesn’t happen until nearly a month later, but because of a warm spell, Jen and I actually flew back into Tokyo in the peak of the cherry blossom bloom. The weather this spring has been a bit strange — summer-like one day, and then frigid again the next. At any rate, exhausted, but determined, we struck out the next day to see the Cherry blossoms around town. The most impressive was at Naka-Meguro, where the canal is lined in Cherry trees, and in the evening lanterns are lit under the branches. We walked from one end of the canal to the other in beautiful weather (despite rather dire weather reports of rain and wind — not good for cherry blossoms) taking lots of photos (as you’ll see), and having a little bench-picnic (not the full-japanese-style hanami all-day picnic and drinking extravaganza, but a nice little snack.) Seeing the lanterns through the cherry blossoms is one of those visions of Japan that I’ll never forget.

We did see a handful of other cherry blossoms around the city after that, but peak-bloom is a big deal for a reason — there’s nothing quite like those clouds of blossoms against the black twisted branches. At any rate, get on with your own hanami below — it’ll take a while to get through them all! 😉

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One Response to Hanami: Flower Viewing

  1. Alice Gardner says:

    OMG totally gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

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